Thursday, April 17, 2014

of painting, retirement plans and minimum wage

So my lovely "painting diva by night" Michele Clamp bangs out some epic watercolors...

Michele totally scored today! A great friend of ours bought one of her paintings. For ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS! Tonight we decided to look at how we are going to fund our new found retirement from paintings! Here's the transaction, I kid you not, she literally made ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!

And here is the lovely (now sold!) "Pig in Clover" in his new rather resplendent frame waiting to go to the CCAE to hang out with his chums in the rest of Michele's exhibition...

I did think at the time that charging ONE HUNDRED BUCKS was a bit steep, especially to a great and close friend of ours, so I asked Michele to pull together the numbers.

It was rather sad as you can see:
Actual Painting                 1 hour
Buying frame                    1 hour
Framing                         1 hour
Ferrying to/from gallery        1 hour

Paint                           $1.00
Paper                           $1.00
Brush wear and tear             $1.00
Frame                           $15.00
Sale price                      $100.00
Minus fees to the lovely CCAE   $50.00

Net                             $32.00 

Income @ 4 hours                $8.00 /hour

Which in the state of MA the minimum wage is exactly eight bucks an hour.

Clearly not quite time to retire yet!

Especially given our current sales rate is about one painting every six months, which puts Michele well... yeah best we don't even bother with that math, it would not keep us in adult beverages.


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