Thursday, December 5, 2013

Watch out for those Ts and the Cs folks!

This is one for technology folks, support folks and basically anyone in customer service...

Cable Co's have a really, really bad rap these days, and not all is warranted but sometimes the SLA is far larger and more important to defend than any customer relationship. It has actually become rather sad and uncomfortable for all, including the support folks. I'll try and illustrate with a personal example...

We recently moved to a "no glass area" of Massachusetts awesome new house, but alas only copper in the area. We had FiOS connectivity for over seven years at our old place and had also recently added a TV package to our business line. This addition needed us to move packages albeit with the same company and the same piece of glass on the wall. As per usual there was clearly some internal company complexity that the same glass that provides packets for TCP needed to be reconfigured to also deliver the TV.

No biggy.

So moving day came and went (we are planning to rent out the old place, but I digress), so I called Verizon to disconnect the service. Should be no muss, no fuss right? Wrong. We now owed a $190.00 fee to disconnect the service we have had in there for seven years. Seemingly this is because we also paid an additional $50.00 per month on top of our existing Internet only plan earlier this year to add TV service. According to the big complicated Verizon computer we are now considered under a "new" contract.

All our previous history on time payments was for naught. Poof! All gone!

After getting absolutely nowhere by phone I took this to the twitters... I've seen people be successful with this whole new modern technology thing, so why not? I'm pretty sure I can have a crack at this. After all we are talking about one hundred and ninety bucks, and that my friends is a fair old number of bud lights that is :-)

The folks at Verizon did reply, and we had a lovely chat. At one point it really did look like we were going to get somewhere, but in the end did not get anywhere. However, we did have a really nice chat nevertheless, I drank tea while typing, it was lovely.

I really ought to have searched the internet first before attempting this clearly futile exercise. Seemingly this type of thing happens an awful lot. I should have also checked my own weblog, different story, similar ending.

I guess at this point, I'll just pay up and remind our future tenants to check any contracts, and much like the airlines say at the end of flights, I'll remind them "that they too have choices in who they fly with".

It's all a bit of a shame really, and having seen the recent South Park satirical send up, it is only going to get way, way worse for all of us.

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