Friday, June 29, 2012

of the art, and velocity of research computing...

Hot on the news of Google Compute Engine (it looks epic!):

So, we run about 20,000 cpu, but as with all things it is never quite enough! Literally, with GCE being less than one day old, this ticket came into our service desk system at 5:13am this morning...

I love this stuff!

From: Redacted @ rchelp
Date: Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 5:13 AM
Subject: [#25078] Support Google Compute Engine as a fallback option?


Sometimes I have had problems waiting for the long queues. After yesterday's announcement, I was wondering if you can add support for (or simply teach users how to do) submitting jobs the new Google Compute Engine.



What an epic request eh?

We do so love our jobs, and this one ticket request is clearly a classic. It absolutely personifies Research Computing being so close the bleeding edge! We are also constantly reminded that our scientists, which we are honored to work with, are quite simply the best in the world. Oh, and by the way - they quite rightly demand the highest of standards!

It is all pretty awesome!

I love this ticket so much - this is basically a reflection of what we do!

p.s. As you can see below I'm on it!

The very moment I get an account on GCE that is... ;-)

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