Friday, May 18, 2012

#filmquotebioinformatics - of busted clusters and software

Much hilarity on twitter over the last day with #filmquotebioinformatics:!/search/%23filmquotebioinformatics

I had a little crack at it myself. Mainly because I would never want to miss an opportunity to wind up Captain Birney with a well placed reference to Mrs Robinson ;-)

The best thing is looking at just how many "bioinformatics" film quotes reference actual physical kit or hardware/software issues. Michele (@MicheleClamp) and I were walking back from a meeting with folks at HSPH today wondering and pondering the question "what is an informatics core?".

The interesting thing from this fun friday film experiment seems to show me at least that Research Computing and Informatics are and have to be very tightly coupled entities!

In particular some of the stand outs I loved:

Keith Bradnam@kbradnam
We're going to need a bigger hard drive
Mick Watson@BioMickWatson
"you can't handle the data!"
Oliver Hofmann@fiamh
@fredebibs: Remember, with big cluster comes great maintenance activity
Nick Loman@pathogenomenick
It's an error message. It means your 1024 node, 3 month long job sleeps with the fishes
Jason Stajich ‏‏@jasonstajich
The cluster, it goes on forever - My God it's full of jobs.

and my all time fave:
Deanna Church ‏@deannachurch
Go ahead punk, run make.

hehehe! So it turns out, computers are an important part of informatics after all - which is a nice thought on a Friday afternoon to have ;-)

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