Thursday, September 22, 2011

the foreman's job

Our team here have been going gangbusters on puppet / cobbler and foreman recently. Turns out when you have ca. 13-14 thousand processors you really do need a configuration manager ;-)

Here's a little snap as we continue to develop the infrastructure, we still have a way to go, but we are getting there.

As you can see we are pushing forward with CentOS, not much 6.0 but we are getting there, 986 copies of CentOS 5.5 to move. Lots of changes in 6.0 that affect production environments esp LDAP, puppet manifests change and multiple modifications often needed. Seems we also quite like 8 cpu boxes, couple of fun sized 48's in there though. Oddly we only seem to have one type of architecture... and one type of environment - x86_64_PRODUCTION ;-)

Not sure why but every time I log into our provisioning server the "Foreman's Job" tune goes through my head - it is an all time favorite of my father's. Seemingly very popular back when he worked at the nuclear fuel factory, as being promoted to foreman was something to behold!

Foreman is still a pretty powerful figure today - certainly for "pointy hairs" as you can see the whole environment (and modify it) from a simple set of pages. Very swish.

Amazingly this crazy foreman's job tune exists on the internet!


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