Thursday, September 22, 2011

beautiful two factor desktop client

Since working on two factor auth for a while we wanted to make an awesomely beautiful client that could work with google authenticator on the desktop and be secure.

Michele worked on this a bit... I poked at some parts to help, and we nailed it! We now have an undecorated, draggable, copyable and most awesome simple client for two factor and for the win!

googleplus and twitter have some more of the devops fun!!/jamesdotcuff/status/117056018625728512!/jamesdotcuff/status/117058135507730433

Code will be released soon once we test some more - we did have the mythical "off by one" error which anyone who has worked in genomic science knows it to be a classic!

Oh Michele just squashed that bug, as I type this and has committed the code up to her GIT repo as I type this!

"whoop there it is!"

Vote in the comments for the one that has a better use of real estate ;-)

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