Monday, July 18, 2011

dropping one social media for another

This posting is inspired by:!/phylogenomics/status/92511834946551808

Clearly lots of folks out there in light of awesome googleplus are worried about all the time they have spent on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn etc...

It turns out that most people don't spend "all that much time" on Facebook.

A quick "show older posts" and a print to a PDF or/and a select all, and paste into Word is enough for you to capture all of those cherished memories. You can then save them off into a file so you can say cherrio to one sad social media method and then say hello to another to be sad method, as per this post:

Even old MS Word with a quick cut and paste, and an even faster select/replace can help you get there.... yes next step is to bust out an awk/sed/grep combo - but text is text :-)

Dull, but simple.

UPDATE: even better!
A Googleplus update from Michael makes it even easier!

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