Wednesday, June 22, 2011

function over beauty: of busted up feet and awesome science!

This time last year, my director of scientific computing sent around this link to the team with a statement that defined this picture as being the epitome of research computing.

I agreed!

tokyo dr grape machine

As you can see from the screen grabs below - about four months ago I busted up my paw (pretty badly as it turned out!). However, to me if you consider research computing as a metaphor: it is a bit like my busted paw.... ok I know it is a bit of a stretch - but stick with me it makes sense in the end...

We in research computing are basically a bit like these screws in my busted foot... they may well look pretty gnarly, but they totally and utterly work!

totally busted up! (owch!)



All praise to the function, and not to the form!!

This post is dedicated to all those mumblers I have to talk to: vendors, project managers, service desk people, network folks and systems infrastructure types who are fully ITIL aware and get really very upset with me and my team because we are not "doing the right thing".

It is also dedicated to my most awesome orthopedic surgeon who put me back together again with zero care for form, only for structure and function!

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