Thursday, June 30, 2011

576 terabytes? Oh yes sir, that will do nicely!

We needed a moderately accessible cost effective nearline storage solution. It arrived yesterday (our account team busted their tail to get this before our year end!). This morning we had a little "rack and stack party", things are looking pretty fabulous. We have spoken in the past about our slightly "ghetto" storage arrays:

But in Research Computing sometimes we need a slightly more supportable option. Costs a bit more $ but does not require rubber bands or wiggling of sata cables ;-)

So first off we started with some 6GB/s SAS connections:

Then we put a few of them together:

and came up with 576TB in 32U of rack space...

Not so shabby right?

When I first arrived here at Harvard, we would have needed about six racks to be able to pull off this feat! So there we have it, part one of a longer term project we are running over the summer to build a 1PB open source filesystem out of what are still commodity parts (albeit with some enterprise function so we can manage it).

More later...

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