Monday, June 20, 2011

2008-2011 RIP our first "cluster"

Our first cluster debuted on the June 2008 list @ number 61. It was our first tightly coupled system with 4096 cores DDR IB, 16TB of DRAM and used about 200KW of power. We lasted exactly 3 years on the challenge list with our 32TF Rmax, 38TF peak sustaining 85% efficiency machine:

Month               Position
June       2008          61
November   2008          81
June       2009         136
November   2009         184
June       2010         264
November   2010         433
June       2011     Poof! Gone!

We have grown significantly since and have ca. 13,000 cores on line, but it sure is sad to see how fast these systems conk out, with millions of $ being spent on them. It lasted just about as long as the warranty on the box did. 32TF is a bit pathetic these days, the K machine has just come in at slightly over 8,200TF, a whopping 256 times faster than our little box!

Rest in peace dearest little Dell box, you did great science!

(c) 2018 James Cuff